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I am completely blown away & humbled to see my name in print alongside 68 other amazing photographers in the US & Europe….Some of these photographers I’ve worked alongside with, taken workshops with, taken workshops from & had them take my portrait. I feel so incredibly blessed to be on the same list of such amazing & dedicated talent.

When I  first heard the news {my sister got her copy in her mailbox before it hit newsstand…so she called to read it to me} I’m pretty certain I shrieked/laughed/snorted/gasped and cried simultaneously. {The last time this happened was when I realized I was pregnant with Hank!}



Below are some quotes that really jumped out at me & ones that I agree with 100000% percent.

“Weddings have everything I adore: inspiration, style, and lots of beautiful kisses.” Elizabeth Messina

“I storyboard a wedding the same way a director would a movie to give a sense of time and place.” Jonathan Canlas 

“The most crucial elements to a photographer are light and time.Work with yours to create a schedule with both in abundance and you’ll get great results.” Liz Banfield 

“Experience is key. Knowing when to anticipate the special moments come from shooting for a long time.” Jose Villa

“When choosing a photographer, consider how you want to remember your wedding 10,20 or 30 years from now.” Allan Zepeda

“Choose someone whose work  you can see yourself in; then, let them tell your story.” Jen Huang 

Make sure to pick up your copy of the new Spring issue of Martha Stewart Weddings– it hit the newsstands this week!

  1. Jenny Hansen says:

    Congratulations, Meg. What an honor–one that you clearly deserve!

  2. Сialis says:


    Press: Martha Stewart Weddings Top 69 Wedding Photographers – Rodeo

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