Woodsville Cottage Hospital

Early this Spring, the boys were playing happily together in an empty laundry basket…it was a “boat.” Well, the boat tipped over on the floor & Hank cracked his head on a piece of furniture…I didn’t think much of it until I noticed the blood spurting out of his head…4 staples in his little noggin & a concussion. Ouch. However, I can not say enough good things about the ER doctors at Cottage Hospital in nearby Woodsville, NH- they were patient, kind & spoke to me in terms I could relate too….and advised me as if Hank were their own child. He had to go back again to get the staples out…and that wasn’t much fun either. On each visit he was given an adorable little bear with a Cottage Hospital tee-shirt {he gave one to his brother!} On the third visit, he was there as my model for some promotional material for the hospital….He was really hamming it up & obviously knew the drill {plus, he is sweet on one of the nurses!}

Woodsville Cottage Hospital Woodsville Cottage Hospital For the locals that read this blog you might be seeing Hank’s blue eyes in your mailbox soon!




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