Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there today…I wanted to give a thanks to my dad… who taught me that you have to work hard to master something & that practice makes perfect & fix something before you buy a new one & that it’s okay to sometimes have a messy desk. But most importantly, my dad instilled in me that above all else, family comes first. My boys have a special bond with their Papa & we are so fortunate that they live on the same street as us….Here’s one of Papa & Marcus sharing an inside joke at a recent wedding.rodeoandcophoto-1-32

And of course, it can’t be Father’s Day without me mentioning that awesome guy that I married…He is an example of hard work, honesty, dedication, appreciation of the outdoors & encourages our boys in all of their interests {even when they aren’t the same as his}.

{Sadly, for me, they all love Star Wars}.rodeoandcophoto-1-34

rodeoandcophoto-1-4 copy

Thank you Dad {& Papa} & Nate {& Daddy} for helping my boys become little men!


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