I’m so happy that this recipe of mine was so beautifully shared on the Swooned Blog: go check it out here... I just love Swooned- so beautiful!

I did this shoot a few years ago, but wanted to re-share in honor of St. Patrick’s Day! My grandfather was 100% Irish- I grew up in the same little bedroom that he did in Littleton, MA….the house that my great Grandfather built. Some of my most fondest and vivid memories of my early childhood are intertwined with my Grandfather- who I called Deedledee {because he used to do a little Irish gig and dance for me outside my bedroom, when I should have been napping! I’m sure my mother was impressed!}

A special thing that I did on what seemed like a daily basis, was to make coffee frappes with Deedledee after lunch – and then drink while watching “Leave it to Beaver” & then “The Andy Griffith Show.”  So, in honor of my Deedledee and our coffee frappe tradition, I wanted to put a grown up spin on it & add in some Guinness….I think if he were hear to day, he’d get  a big kick out this. By the way, my Nanny so graciously gave me his frappe maker, and it’s proudly on display in my kitchen.


recipe for guinness coffee frappe:

2 big scoops of coffee ice-cream

1/2 can of guinness {in place of milk}

a big squirt of coffee syrup

rodeoandcophoto_guinness_frappe-4 rodeoandcophoto_guinness_frappe-5

a favorite photo of my Deedledee – he was a race car driver….and that is one of his pieces of chalk that he used while he was working {he was an inventor & fabricator}.rodeoandcophoto_guinness_frappe-6

p.s. I hope you are all wearing green! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! xoxo


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