There is this magical farm with the most stunning views in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire. Before Nate and I moved permanently back to Landaff, we lived in an itty bitty cabin up the mountain from the Iris Farm…Daily, I would drive by and wonder what it would be like to live in that farmhouse…to have your coffee and look out at the view in the morning…Flash forward a bunch of years and I met Cassandra when I went out to San Francisco for the first time…There, I spent an afternoon with her & Roger…and later shot their wedding at Peckett’s on Sugar Hill {there are multiple properties within the family all within walking distance of each other}.  On the hill across the street from the farmhouse is where Peckett’s Hotel once stood- and the very first ski school in America….pretty neat, right?


 Cassandra is an interior decorator, and she played a huge role in transforming the farmhouse into a rental property….and I feel so lucky to call her & her family my friends….Here’s a tour of the interior…more exterior shots to come when all the lilacs are in bloom next week!2016-05-24_00272016-05-24_00262016-05-24_0032

{a secret goal of mine is to replace our standard sink with a glorious farmers one like this!}2016-05-24_0028

porch dreams. there are 3. for reals.2016-05-24_00312016-05-24_0030   2016-05-24_0033 2016-05-24_00352016-05-24_00362016-05-24_0034

{i love the bathroom tile & clean lines….curtain from Garnet Hill}2016-05-24_0037

{this bedding also from Garnet Hill}2016-05-24_0038

{the master bedroom looks out on the field of angus mama cows and their babies….can’t make this stuff up!}


{if you follow me on instagram, then you know my love for wallpaper runs deep.}


If you want to stay at the Iris Farm {and then you can come see me for coffee because I’m just 10 minutes away!}

you can book it HERE. xoxo


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